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These dreams are more frequent than before, dreams of meeting your partner, astral dreams, intimate sensual dreams which feel real. You are meeting this person in a dream. You seem to know them well, regardless of how much time you have spent together, there is a deep understanding even before the meeting. Meeting them has triggered a spiritual awakening within you, kundalini rising or new awareness in your life and a deeper connection to source.

Often these experiences happen in the same time frame, but you just missed each other, the meeting never took place. There could be a time where you are separated from them, throughout this time lessons are integrated. Either one of you or both of you run from relationship because of fear, also one or both of you at some point want to make it work.

What Is A Twin Flame?

They might project personal issue you might be having, remember your other half is your mirror, so go work on yourself when needed. Although unconditional love is projected from your twin flame, there are times when your soulmates might do the same, why not?

We are just taught to love conditionally, so time to break through these layers of conditioning. Sex is no longer about satisfying yourself, but rather the complete union, understanding your partner and connecting on a deeper level. You are never over them, you miss them and always feel its not over, even though the physical circumstances prevent you from being together. You feel intense pain because of the separation.

22 Signs Of Twin Flame Recognition, How To Know If You've Met Your True Twin

Have you met such a person in your life? Which of these soul recognition signs are familiar to you? I have met my twin SW and we live many states away….

I definitely agree with most of the recognitions as I have experienced them myself. The one question I have is if it is possible to have this deep connection with two people? Or is it possible to have a long relationship with one of them, which was filled with years of spiritual growth and awakening, but then, and this is my question, is it okay or normal to feel the same connection and have the same recognisitons with another person?

Through my personal growth with my soulmate for the past 7 years we met on Strangely, however, the very same recognitions and even deeper connection is happening with this other man.

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I probably answered my own question. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Twin Flames. During both interviews, the rapper answered questions where he introspectively discussed his career and life, as a wealthy, and successful black man. Everything that was touched on reveals the inner work that one must complete on a journey to expand one's consciousness. In his nominated song of the year, "The Story of OJ", Jay-Z speaks on the fact that even if you are wealthy, as a black man, there is an obligation to take responsibility for your actions, whilst recognizing the need to use one's talents or "God-given ability This idea of accountability was further expressed when he spoke about accepting the pain that he bestowed upon his wife through his infidelity.

Part of spiritual awakening is putting a mirror to your own flaws, as it is reflected back by the people we hurt. In his interview with Jones, he referred to Beyonce as his "soulmate," and whom I believe to be his twin flame. In his interview with Basquet, he mentioned the hardest thing to do, is to have to look into the eyes of the person you hurt and accept what you've done. That's real strength. Unconditional love, and expressing compassion for all people, regardless of race, gender, or class is another lesson that comes when you begin to awaken.

When asked about the lessons that he would instill in his children, he responded that "fairness, and compassion, and empathy, and [possessing] a loving heart" would be some of the key lessons that his children would be taught. These are realizations that come through awakening, and as Jay-Z put it, are "where the important things lie. Another crucial step in "waking up", is learning to unpack past trauma and wounds to end a cycle of destructive tendencies and patterns.

He revealed the idea of unpacking pain, and intercepting triggers in an anecdote about neighborhood bullying when he was growing up. Every emotion is connected and it comes from somewhere One of the final indicators of Jay-Z's awakened persona, and one of the most profound is Jay-Z's discovery of self, and sole purpose, through fulfilling his "karmic debt". In the New York Times article, Jay-Z defines keeping up with the facade of relevancy, as "white hot space.

This white-hot space he speaks about refers to the illusion of what is most important in life, and the reality, or duality, of all that exists.

Twin Spirit/Soul Recognition Signs - Spiritual Unite

Being the hottest thing out is temporary. He reveals that this is not what's important. It is clear that he has come to acknowledge his purpose, as he proudly proclaims in the lyric, "I'm clear why I'm here, how 'bout you? I'd like to replace the word "evolution" with "ascension," which is the meaning of living this "Hard Knock Life," and the greatest reward anyone can ever receive; in order to attain this, in Jay-Z's own words "The spiritual stuff really works.

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Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions
Twin Flames : Recognitions

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