The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.

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Greek Mythology: Sources

God had an army of loyal angels to throw them out of the physical heavens, the cosmos; space, back down to earth bruising them in a way that caused them not to be able to transform into physical form again. The rebel angels were then imprisoned in heavenly places, parellel dimensions, within the atmosphere of the earth.

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These angels have since been called demons. Today they exist invisibly on earth as spirits possing as unseen gods, ghosts, producing the affects of magic in some cases, clairvoyance and the activities of aliens in the sky and on earth at times. Demons pose as ghosts whether seemingly helpful, harmless or beneficent, or even as they truly are They often pretend to be humans that have died and are dead.

They also sometimes manipulate light or the minds of humans to perpetrate as aliens from other planets. While the Nephilim have been dead and the bad angels have been imprisoned for over 4, years, the wicked angels called demons will also be thrown into solitary confinement, quarantined and placed outside the universe, in the abyss for 1, years, after Armageddon, where they cannot trouble any good angel nor influence nor harm any human. After that they will be destroyed.

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God does not deliberately preserve the wicked nor their offspring alive. God even decrees that the name of the offspring of the wicked will never again be mentioned. God destroys the wicked offspring of the wicked and erases their name from memory and history. Although they are somewhat preserved, if through different names in various mythologies, in the future their name will be completely wiped out of human memory.

God says about the wicked and evil The Titans were the 7 angels the book of enoch speaks of who have been locked away. There is no reason to think they were only male. There were goddesses and many ancient cultures describe goddesses or stories like the Amazon woman. When lucifer decieved eve he had legs and God took his legs as punishment. Some angels described in the bible, like the seraphim, look dragons. And the bible says Lucifer was a seraphim. When he lost his legs he was a snake. Enoch also says the fallen angels also defiled themselves with animals.

That would mean creatures like centaurs and fairies and mermaids were real and are hybrids of angels and animals. All royal families today say they were descended from the gods. The ancient pharohs believed there were gods. The ancient royal Chinese believed they came from gods. Thesearen't just stories.

Greek Mythology God and Goddesses Documentary

Its all true. And all royal families today have rh- blood which scientist cant explain.

Goddess in Judaism

Which all obviously surrived the flood. So it wasn't aliens from some planet, God told us all along exactly what happened. This is why the Israelites are Gods people bc they were not tainted with angel dna and why God forbade the Israelites from marrying any of the canaanites or other races and why God told the Israelites to utterly destroy some of these other races.

Because they were hybrids. But the Israelites disobeyed and so they are still among us. All the monarchies still today are hybrids and that is why they all intermarried all these years. That is why some worship satan. They aren't reptilian they are fallen angel hybrids. They weren't idiots worshipping a stone they carved themselves. However a fake god bc they only impersonate the true God.

They are fallen angels who will be utterly destroyed someday. Worshipping them is evil. The bible tells us some knowledge was hidden from us until the end times. Truth always comes to light. You can't hide truth. New age people have realized these truths but are a little off. They hypothesized it was aliens etc. Which is close. They are extra terrestrial. But God told us all along what happened in books hidden unto recent times revealing it was fallen angels.

This also explains why these demi-gods all also told the story of the coming messiah by virgin birth. Not bc it isn't true but bc it is and they knew it would happen. That Jesus would one day come to save us from our sin. The bible says angels long to look into these things. Bc jesus did not come to cleanse them of their sin only humans. However the bible does day that we his church will one day judge the angels. Some perhaps are not all evil.

But fallen Angels can not create anything new. They can only copy God. Or manipulate Gods creation.

Fidelity One/Artemis (God Genesis)

And so they also all told the story of a savior and a virgin birth. Which is further proof it is true not that it isn't. And they will rise up. Apollo will be the anti-christ. And we will have a final war defeating these angels who thought they could be like God and rebelled against him. And they, and all those who decide to follow them instead of the true God, will be thrown into the lake of fire forever. So everything God told us in the bible is true. No matter how crazy it seemed are the time. Many non-christian people today believe in fairies or the reptilian royal families etc.

But God told us all along.

Which means the rest of His word is true. That Jesus died to save us. And that true power is in Christ.

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That all things are possible with Christ. That anything we ask in his name shall be done like physical healing or whatever your need. Even broken hearts. That He will turn all things into good for those who love Him. Be on the winning side. God told us how this story ends too. David Icke, In The Biggest Secret , he introduced the idea that many prominent figures derive from the Anunnaki, a reptilian race from the Draco constellation. In his book The Twelfth Planet, Russian-American author Zecharia Sitchin claimed that the Anunnaki were actually a race of extraterrestrial beings from the undiscovered planet Nibiru, who came to Earth in order to mine gold.

Fritze writes that, according to Sitchin, "the Annunaki built the pyramids and all the other monumental structures from around the world that ancient astronaut theorists consider so impossible to build without highly advanced technologies. A series of clever experiments into the reptilian "third eye" has confirmed that lizards use this patch of light-sensitive cells as a sun-calibrated compass.

A parietal eye, also known as a third eye or pineal eye, is a part of the epithalamus present in some animal species of reptiles. The eye is photoreceptive and is associated with the pineal gland, regulating circadian rhythmicity and hormone production for thermoregulation. The parietal eye is found in the tuatara, most lizards, frogs, salamanders, certain bony fish, sharks, and lampreys , komdo dragona and iguana lizards a kind of jawless fish. This is also a myth or tradition that is unsubstantiated in the Bible.

Or again, "I will be his Father, and he will be my Son? The Bible never says anywhere angels mated with humans. It is a common theme in the Old Testament for men of God to be lured away from God by unrighteous women. It is unlikely that it is talking of literal giants. While each of these interpretations is very different, they all share the assumption that when God spoke using plural pronouns in Genesis , it could only mean that God was addressing some other divine being or beings who, in some sense, shared with Him in the work of creation.

The most glaring flaw in this interpretation is that the very next verse goes on to explain that God created man by Himself and in His own singular image:. God says "let us make," and then He alone makes. God proposes to make man in Our image and then makes man in His image, not in the image of Himself and someone else. This is consistent with rest of Scripture which says, for example, that God personally made the earth, created man upon it, and even stretched out the heavens with His own hands, Isaiah He did not need nor have an angelic craftsman, a divine council, or a heavenly consort in bringing the world or mankind into existence, as "the builder of all things is God," Hebrews Nowhere in Scripture is man ever said to be made in the image of "the gods," nor in the image of God and an archangel.

While both male and female are made in the image of God, they are all said to be made in His image, not in His and Her images. One singular God alone made humanity in His own unique image, and this is what God was referring to when He said, "let Us make man in Our image. The best explanation for this language is the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

There is only one God, and He created man in His image. This God, however, exists in three distinct, equal, and interactive persons. God has fellowship and communion within His own nature in a manner that finite beings like ourselves do not. The eternal Father, Son, and Spirit can speak to and interact with one another, but they are not three different gods or three separate beings.

It is one God, one Divine Being, existing simultaneously as three distinct persons. This is marvelous, but should it surprise us that God Almighty is marvelous? It also fits the text:.

5c. Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

God creates the world and makes man. His Spirit moves over the waters Genesis , and His "breath" same Hebrew word as "Spirit" brings life to man Genesis It is God's Spirit whom He sends forth to continue to create and give life on the earth Psalm God commands "let there be" and there is, be it light, land, seas, or living things. Yet, God's Word is not mere sounds coming out of His mouth.

God spoke, and man was, yet God formed man from the dust of the earth Genesis and made all creation "with his own hands," Isaiah Indeed, John tells us:. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being," John

The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.
The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses. The Genesis Of The Gods and Goddesses.

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