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Despite the miracles the people saw, they all perished in the wilderness except for Joshua and Caleb. Though trouble will often be the reason why many of us will come to God, He does not want you to seek Him only when you are in trouble. He wants you to seek His face, to know Him and be more intimate with Him. Why do you think God wants you to seek His face and not His hands? See Ps. Do you seek God? Do you desire to know Him? Ask the Lord to strengthen you to seek His face more in the days ahead than you have ever done before.

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O Lord We Seek Your Face

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Read Now! About Our Beliefs My account. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Learning from Jesus' teaching from Matthew 6, so that believer's can pray and seek His face for more of His love and grace. A Masterpiece Matthew Coach John Wooden died at the age of 99, he was renowned as one of the greatest college coaches of all times.

Scripture: Matthew Too often we get so wrapped up in the "busyness" of life that we fail to take the time to listen to the Word of the Lord and seek His face.

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Scripture: Luke The amount of time we spend with God meditating on His words and majesty, seeking His face establishes our fruitfulness in His kingdom. This is the concluding part of the message we started last week. As a quick recap we have looked at the sword as a weapon the use of the sword in the Bible, why we need to use the sword and the powers we should use the sword against. Then we went into reasons we should really fight against our Scripture: John , Ephesians Denomination: Pentecostal.

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  1. Psalms 27:8!
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  4. The lakes are beautiful blue in color some days and grey and foreboding other days. In the summer, boats can be seen dotted along the horizon and along the shores. In the winter, there is a serenity and beauty as the lakes Scripture: 2 Timothy God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins, heal our land, but we must humble ourselves, pray and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways. It was Christmas Day evening Rall put the letter This passage names four things God wants from his people.

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    He wants us to humble ourselves, pray, seek his face, and turn from our wicked ways. Have we humbled our selves before God in prayer seeking his face. Then revival will come right? Wrong there is more to it. There is more oh yea. Filter Results. Sort By. Close Filters. Rating 5 stars 4 stars or more 3 stars or more Any Rating.

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      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face
      Seek Your Face Seek Your Face

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