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Email Address. Ably explores a bygone milieu while trafficking in high emotional drama.

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Flowers of Yesterday

Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. After royal serial deaths leave Philippe d'Orleans, nephew to King Louis XIV, as a likely successor to the French throne should the king's infant great-grandson not survive, Kathryn finds herself in a heart-wrenching dilemma. Hoodwinked by her lover, and rejected by her suitor upon finding her pregnant, she is on the run for more than a decade.

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White Flowers of Yesterday is a rich story of a young woman's emotional education as she matures and learns to love and forgive those that wronged her. Kathryn's journeys take her far from the palace as she assumes new identities and seeks to remake her life.

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All of this she does as she desperately tries to reunite with her son. Whether describing the political machinations of nobility or the excitement of the court of Louis XIV which serves as the backdrop for this novel, the story of Kathryn is one that will appeal to any woman! By Lovetoread on May 02, White Flowers of Yesterday is a remarkable debut effort by the author which takes the reader through the labyrinth of the French aristocracy and the bourgeois.

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The plot revolves around the central character Kathryn, who falls victim to the unscrupulous machinations of various people, but eventually grows stronger in the face of all these adversities. But how will Kathryn's story end A question that I asked myself over and over again, as I kept turning the pages to find out.

The story has so many layers to it and is set amidst an opulent backdrop. This is story telling at its best, wherein the reader is drawn into the pages of the book and taken to far away places and impossible situations.

White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday
White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday
White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday
White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday
White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday
White Flowers of Yesterday White Flowers of Yesterday

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