Blist (The War Musicians Series)

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The Monkees. The Moody Blues. The Moonglows. My Chemical Romance. The New York Dolls. Nine Inch Nails. The Ohio Players. One Direction. The Pet Shop Boys. Peter, Paul and Mary. Puffy AmiYumi. Rage Against the Machine. Rascal Flatts. Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Replacements. The Rolling Stones. The Sex Pistols. The Shirelles. Sly and the Family Stone. Smashing Pumpkins. The Soul Stirrers. Stanley Brothers. The Staple Singers. One of the Furies, Orkos, feels really bad for Kratos, so he does him a solid. He sends Kratos on a tiny quest.

Kratos kills the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, in bit of his adventure that is literally just killing time: he wins the Amulet of Uroborus , which lets him manipulate time. Eventually, Kratos finds out Ares' true plot: a god cannot kill another god, so Ares is trying to mold Kratos into a warrior that can kill Zeus. Why he couldn't have talked this all out is beyond me, but refer to Rule 1 again. The Furies capture Kratos like they were supposed in the first place.

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They try to convince Kratos to turn back, but he does what Kratos does and kills them. Unfortunately for the new bro squad of Kratos and Orkos, Kratos' bond to Ares isn't gone until the oath keeper of the Furies is dead. And while that was Orkos, it's now Kratos, meaning the latter is still working for the gods of Olympus. Orkos asks for a cool death, so Kratos shanks his new friend and burns down his own house with the body inside. The other PlayStation Portable game covers Kratos' time working for the gods of Olympus as a supernatural hitman.

In the middle of killing the King of Persia, Kratos notices the sun disappear, which is pretty important to life on Earth. This is early enough in his murder spree that he sort of cares about humanity, so he goes to investigate. Kratos finds that Helios, God of the Sun, has been kidnapped. In the chaos, the God of Dreams Morpheus puts the other gods to sleep and attempts a coup. Kratos kills a bunch of creatures and jacks Helios' Fire Steeds on a trip to the Underworld.

Hot on the trail of Helios, Kratos kills Charon, ferryman of the dead, which you would think would gum up the works, but it's never brought up again.

God of War (Comic Series)

Kratos eventually finds out the Titan Atlas has taken Helios. Kratos thinks that's not cool, so he heads to the Pillar of the World to save the Sun God. There he encounters Hades' wife Persephone, who offers him a deal: give up his powers to enter Elysium and see his daughter again. At this point, Kratos doesn't even want power, so he's all in. It's all a dodge though, because Persephone was the one who freed Atlas because she wants to destroy the world like a Bond villain. Kratos isn't going to stand for this nonsense, so he regains his power by killing the innocent souls in Elysium , the place where people who did good things go to live out the afterlife.

Kratos' busts out, even more angry sad because he had to leave his daughter behind, and kills Persephone. Then he chains Atlas back to the Pillar of the World and rides the Fire Steeds back to the land of the living. Riding Helios' Chariot drains him to the point that he can't fight back when Athena and Helios strip him of his new powers, because this is a prequel to the first God of War and Kratos can't have cool new abilities.

At no point does anyone do anything to Morpheus, the god who attempted a coup. It's never spoken of again and Morpheus never actually appears in the game. Very odd. It's been a decade since he started working for the gods of Olympus. He figures this balances his ledger, meaning it's about time to begin his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Ares. Athena is all about it, so she sends him on a quest to get Pandora's Box. At this point Kratos only does three things: kill, screw over people, and scowl.

He does these things so well that he gets Pandora's Box, but Ares is the goddamn God of War and hurls a huge pillar at Kratos. Ares' minions take the Box, while Kratos dies and takes a normal trip to the Underworld. Charon is dead? Kratos isn't a normal dude though, so he literally fights and crawls his way back out of the Underworld. He meets the grave digger, a random guy he met earlier-weird-and gets Pandora's Box back. Pandora's Box makes Kratos huge what? Ares tries to do the mind-bending thing, taunting Kratos with his failures, like murdering his wife and child. Things like sadness and guilt are for lesser men though; Kratos shrugs it off, grabs the Blade of the Gods, and kills Ares above.

Revenge complete, right? Kratos thinks so, but he's still plagued by the nightmares of all those he's killed. He attempts to commit suicide, but Athena's like, "Dude, just become the God of War. Kratos does this. Despite being a god now, Kratos can't shake the nightmares. He wants to know more about his past, so he takes a trip to the Temple of Poseidon in the city of Atlantis. He somehow finds his mother, Callisto, who tries to tell Kratos about his dad, but instead just reveals that his brother Deimos is still alive.

Somewhere in all this he kills the monster Scylla and his mother, who got turned into a monster. He also frees another Titan, Thera, which blows up a volcano and sinks Atlantis. Kratos meets the grave digger again, but somehow doesn't kill him. Instead, he kills a whole bunch of people for little reason, eventually pissing off Poseidon and ending up in Death's Domain, which is where he wanted to go anyways.

Eventually, Deimos gets over it and both brothers decide to fight Thanatos together.

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This is a bad idea because while Kratos is Kratos, Deimos is not Kratos, and dies. Kratos kills Thanatos, which again seems like a problem, because he's literally the God of Death. Kratos then walks his brother's body up a mountain, where he meets the grave digger again, which should clue Kratos in that something is up with this guy. They bury his brother. Athena drops by to bring Kratos to full godhood, but he flips her off and tells her that he's about make all the gods pay.

He stalks away, so he doesn't hear Athena ask for forgiveness and call him "brother".

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Kratos is a very good God of War, in that he fights and kills all the time. He's a very bad god, because he fights and kills all the time. At this point in his murder career, Kratos is leading the Spartans in the conquest of all Greece. He kills things and eventually Hermes' son Ceryx tells Kratos that Zeus isn't happy with him.

Kratos is still leading the Spartans to conquer Greece. Athena tries to talk Kratos out of fighting, despite the fact that he's literally the God of War. He ignores her because Rule 1 applies to him too now that he's a god. Kratos joins his Spartans as a god, only to find his powers mysteriously transferred from him to the Colossus of Rhodes. Zeus pops up with a plan. Kratos can put his godhood into the Blade of Olympus, making him mortal, but focusing his power enough to kill the Colossus.

He does this, because Kratos hasn't met a person, creature, or idea he can't kill. Upon finishing off the Colossus, Kratos finds himself betrayed by Zeus, who uses the Blade of Olympus to kill him. Kratos is back to the Underworld again, which still seemingly works despite the murder of the God of Death and the ferryman Charon. Kratos is saved by Gaia, mother of the Titans.

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She explains the sordid family history of how Zeus used the Blade of Olympus to end the Great War between the Titans and Olympian gods. The Titans want Kratos' help to get revenge, which is right up his alley as all Kratos does is get revenge. Kratos goes on another journey, getting the winged horse Pegasus killed and killing Theseus, Perseus, the Barbarian King, Icarus, Euryale, and the captain of the ship from the beginning of God of War, just for good measure.

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He's just killing folks and freeing Titans. His ultimate goal is to meet the Fates and change his past. Since the only thing between him and that happening is a ton of bodies, Kratos meets the Fates. He kills all three of them and takes control of their Loom, sending him back to before Zeus betrayed him. With the knowledge of the future and a little bit of cheating, Kratos fights and beats Zeus.

Athena shows up to protect Zeus, because she wants to protect Olympus, but ends up dying by getting between Kratos and Zeus. She reveals this has all been a big plan focused on stopping the cycle of father killing son, revealing that Kratos is Zeus' son. Kratos isn't about to have none of that though, so Athena dies having accomplished very little.

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His plan: grab the Titans at full strength and bring them to the present to fight the Gods. Thus the game ends on a cliffhanger, with Kratos and the Titans climbing Mount Olympus. And the grand finale of the original saga is finally here. Titan and god meet in a battle around Mount Olympus. Poseidon is rocking a bunch of Titans, so Kratos decides to take him out of the conflict one of the best fights in the entire series.

Kratos straight punks Poseidon and kills him, causing the entire Earth to flood, killing most of humanity. This is Kratos' biggest body count, giving him an awesome Kill to Death Ratio. Kratos and Gaia confront Zeus, but it doesn't go well. In fact, Gaia betrays Kratos, calling him expendable now that the Titans are free.

He gets sent back to Hades again. Athena meets him there, having gained enlightenment in death. She hooks Kratos up with some new weapons and sends him on his next quest: put out the Flame of Olympus. On his way out, he kills Hades , because he had to put a bow on messing up the Greek version of Hell.

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So now Kratos is making his way back up Mount Olympus to take out Zeus once and for all. Along the way, he meets Pandora, a non-living creation that is the key to Pandora's Box, which is inside the Flame of Olympus. On his way up he kills Helios shouldn't the sun go out? At this point, I wonder why anyone even tries to stop Kratos.

Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)
Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)
Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)
Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)
Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)
Blist (The War Musicians Series) Blist (The War Musicians Series)

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