Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide

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Thomas was drafted in the third round of the draft by the Vikings. Though his rookie year was cut short four games by a players strike, he started every game and intercepted a pass. He scored a touchdown off a fumble recovery the nest year, while intercepting another ball. His teammates called him "Hardware Hank" because Thomas would line up over center and dismantle the opposing offenses point of attack.

Thomas collected nine himself, while scoring again off another fumble recovery.

List of Minnesota Vikings seasons - Wikipedia

Thomas was widely respected and a noted tackling machine. The season was one of his best, getting a career best tackles and 8. He followed that up with his first Pro Bowl year after getting eight sacks and tackles. Thomas had collected an amazing tackles in his first five seasons. He joined the Detroit Lions in and got a career best Thomas left the Lions after the next season, joining the New England Patriots in Thomas played four years with the Patriots. He was very effective, getting two interceptions and 21 sacks over that time. He took one interception 24 yards for the last score of his career.

Thomas retired after the season. Of his He ranks third on the Vikings list in tackles. The Vikings have many fantastic defensive tackles in their franchises history. Henry Thomas certainly ranks near the tip as one of their best ever. He is one of the 50 Greatest Minnesota Vikings.

Jim Marshall was a fourth round draft choice of the Cleveland Browns in He had played the year before in the Canadian Football League for the Saskatchewan Roughriders after leaving Ohio State University upon the completion of his junior year. When Marshall came to the Browns, he started right away at right defensive end. He started the first three games, but had a falling out with legendary head coach Paul Brown. He soon lost his starting job, but continued to play the rest of the season. In the offseason, Brown had plans to move Marshall to offensive tackle, but Marshall contracted encephalitis and lost a great deal of weight.

This fact, coupled with the problems Marshall and Paul Brown were having, did not bode well for Marshall's future in Cleveland. Both teams have different versions on how Marshall became a member of the expansion Vikings. Regardless, Marshall was then a Viking until Marshall was with the team through the good and bad times. He may best be remembered for his 66 yard "wrong way" run, the longest safety and shortest play in NFL history.

Billy Kilmer, then a running back with the San Francisco 49ers, had fumbled the ball. Marshall scooped it up and bolted for the wrong end zone. The Vikings won the game, as Marshall came up with a key sack in the fourth quarter. The "wrong way run" is truly a NFL classic moment to this day. But Marshall also achieved many more great feats on the field. Punter Jeff Feagles passed this number, but the NFL still recognizes Marshall's consecutive starts streak because Feagles was a punter. Marshall was the Vikings team captain for 17 seasons. In all, discounting CFL games, Marshall played in games preseason, season, postseason and Pro Bowls , had over tackles, and over sacks.

Twice he kept his streak intact by walking out of hospitals where he was recuperating from pneumonia and ulcers. On another occasion, he played after accidentally shooting himself in the side while cleaning his shotgun. Minnesota won , and Marshall was carried off the field by his teammates. Many fans may best remember Marshall in his days of the Purple People Eaters. The Vikings may not have won the Super Bowl, but their teams were annually amongst the most feared and respected during the era.

Marshall was one of a kind. We have seen Darrell Green and Jackie Slater play as long since, but neither matched Marshall's consecutive games streak. Marshall played in games in 19 seasons with the Vikings and never missed a game. These are probably records that will stand for a very, very long time. His toughness is legendary. Many in the Twin Cities remember how Marshall and 16 others on snowmobiles got caught in a blizzard in Wyoming. Many of the party broke up in small groups as the snowmobiles conked out one by one. A bank president from Minnesota died. They made a snow cave to rest for the night by burning everything they had.

Marshall's money, checkbook, and other papers were amongst those things burned. They made it another 24 hours as they froze in their camp before help arrived. When you look at Jim Marshall's stats, he is Canton worthy. When you factor in his legendary streak, it should be concrete proof that he is undeniably a Hall of Fame player. Maybe the voters won't let him him because of Eller and Paige or the lack of titles? That should not be a deterrent for the voters. Paige and Eller finished their careers elsewhere, but certainly are worthy. He is one of the 50 Greatest Minnesota Vikings as well as being a member of both their 25th and 40th Anniversary Teams.

Doleman was the Vikings first round draft pick in , as well as the fourth overall selection. Minnesota was running a defense, so they had Doleman play left outside linebacker. He was asked to primarily play the run, and he had a career best tackles that season. He also picked off a pass and the half a sack he had that year would be the lowest total of his career.

Though he took an interception 59 yards for a touchdown the next year, his production dwindled drastically. The Vikings would then switch to the defense in the strike-shortened season. The move paid off as the Vikings soon featured a young, exciting and explosive defensive line. Doleman has 11 sacks in the 12 games he played, as well as forcing a career high six fumbles. He was named to the first of his four consecutive Pro Bowls. The season is considered the best of his career. He piled up a Vikings record 21 sacks, still the third best total in NFL history, and forced five fumbles.

After failing to make the Pro Bowl in , he returned to it the next year after getting Doleman was also named First Team All-Pro for the last time of his career after recording a safety and scoring a touchdown off an interception. The season was his last as a Viking. He joined the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent in , lasting two years with the team and going to the Pro Bowl once.

Doleman then joined the San Francisco 49ers in His three years with the 49ers were very productive. He piled up 38 sacks, scored a touchdown off a fumble recovery, and made the Pro Bowl one final time in his career.

1971 Week 6 MNF Baltimore Colts @ Minnesota Vikings

He then left to rejoin the Vikings for the season. After getting eight sacks, he retired. Doleman ranks fourth on the NFL career sacks list with His He ranks second in tackles and safeties as well. One of the most impressive statistics in his career is that he missed only four games and played in contests over his 15 seasons.

Doleman is one of the 50 Greatest Minnesota Vikings. Blair was drafted in the second round of the draft by the Minnesota Vikings, and was the 51st player chosen overall. The Vikings started him in six games during his rookie year, and he was named to the NFL's All-Rookie Team after getting an interception and fumble recovery. Minnesota would go on to appear in Super Bowl IX that year, where Blair would block a punt leading to the Vikings only points in their defeat.

He played as a reserve next season, but earned the starting left outside linebacker job in He had a career high five fumble recoveries and had two interceptions that year, as the Vikings made it to Super Bowl XI before losing. In the NFC Championship Game two weeks earlier, he had helped block a field goal attempt that Vikings cornerback Pro Bowl Bobby Bryant took 90 yards for a touchdown that accounted for the first points of the game. The season saw Blair make the first of six consecutive Pro Bowl appearances.

His penchant for the big play was widely known throughout the league, as was his solid, steady play backed by great fundamentals. The entire defensive personnel around him changed at every position except his. He was named the captain of the defense in and held that position until he retired. Many other changes occurred on the Vikings offense after as well.

Minnesota went to four Super Bowls between and , but none after that. After making it to the NFC Championship Game in , the Vikings made the playoffs in and and lost in the first round each time. Blair would not appear in a postseason game again. It was in that season that he scored his first touchdown, which came off a blocked kick.

He scored again for the final time the next season off of a lateral that went 49 yards. It set the stage for maybe the finest year of his career, which happened during the season. The second half was almost all defense, with Baltimore's no less dominant than Minnesota's. The Viking attack gained only yards in all and never reached midfield in the final period. In the entire second half Minnesota had only 25 of fensive plays. It had 47 for the game to 71 for the Colts.

Baltimore's offense, featuring Norm Bulaich as a powerful runner and the passes of Mor rall, slowly ground to a halt in the last 30 minutes as the Vikings kept the pressure on. The Vikings defensive stars were Karl Kassulke, who inter cepted two of Morrall's passes in the first half; Page, and his companion on the rush line, Carl Eller. Log In.

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Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide

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