Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs

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Starting a business is hard and becoming increasingly Herculean in the face of global, political, and economic. In my experience, there are a few ingredients that must be in place to enable successful leadership: the most important being bravery without bravado. Starting a business is hard, but running and growing one is becoming increasingly more Herculean in the face of global, economic, political and environmental changes which are impacting business more than ever.

The willingness and fortitude to take risks, face fear, and deal with difficulty are not only expected of leaders, it is a prerequisite. In fact, there are countless studies , articles , TED Talks and business books on this very topic. Fierce confidence and conviction are required in order to buffet the inevitable setbacks and disappointments that come with leading a company.

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Humility limits bravado and gives leaders the space and permission to learn, listen, experiment and not feel they must have all the answers. One part of my job is making bold and sometimes aggressive decisions in driving our business forward.

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Changing our business model, shutting down partnerships, launching new products, or developing a new approach to reach a target market are all a part of this responsibility. These decisions an be foundational to building a truly transformational company. Making these calls are no easy task, especially if you inherit a company with pre-existing relationships, products, technology, values, and culture.

When I started a little over a year ago, the business came with some brilliant breakthrough thinking around industry transformation, with a clever business model and solid technology. Luckily, it had a passionate co-founder, a motivated team and incredible investors determined to see the company be successful.

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It also had some real challenges including regulatory compliance issues that were in the process of being addressed. Fortunately, the challenges were overcome quickly.

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Through a collective commitment to making the right choices in the face of adversity, we could begin to immediately make progress. This was possible because the company immediately admitted mistakes, worked closely with regulators and investors, and took action to remedy the situation. Very little time went by between when we self-reported the compliance problems we discovered and when we began correcting our mistakes. During this time we took great care to meet—and exceed—the regulatory compliance standards that were required of us, and in so doing we eradicated previous mistakes.

While difficult, what we experienced has made us a stronger, better and more resilient company. We have built strong believers across our organization, our customer base, regulators, and the entire industry. In my experience, there are a few key ingredients that must be in place to enable bold leadership and great execution, and to inspire a team to build a truly special company.

There have been several times in my career when I have seen the entire arc of a business lifecycle: from personally selling and implementing the first few customers, building the early team, seeing the company grow much faster than I ever thought was possible, to eventually realizing huge valuations for what we built.

In each instance, we relied on these key ingredients to bolster and sharpen our leadership as we built value for our customers and partners and, importantly, built a company that employees felt was worthy of their best effort.

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Brave founding moments are not always winning moments, and they are not for the faint of heart. When the going gets tough and it will it is crucial that you have strong leadership you can lean on and a clear plan to guide your decisions. In other words, prove you can do this better than we can. The challenge was simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. Goliath had invited David to a boxing match.

We could throw everything we had at this challenge to win against long odds, or lose it all by falling to distraction —and likely exhaustion— with nothing to show for the effort. This way, we could accept the challenge and at a bare minimum learn a ton growth mindset without losing our shirts. As it turned out, we exceeded their and our expectations, and truly punched above our weight. We were rewarded for being willing to dare to be better than our size and scale suggested we could be. This market adoption was beyond our earlier aspirations, and yet oddly seemed exactly like what we had been preparing for all along.

Beyond the Bravado: Some Lawyers Are Scared to Death | New York Law Journal

When it happens, it underscores precisely what you originally set out to do. It is intensely satisfying to prove something to yourselves and to the market. In this case, instead of being defeated about a failed attempt, our team came away encouraged having learned some hard lessons and looking immediately for the next big problem to solve. Day-to-day leadership requires a slightly different type of engagement for each of your key constituents.

In my case, there have been primarily three core groups to focus on as a leader beyond customers and partners who are an engagement discussion unto themselves :. As the business leader, you need to cultivate the trust and respect of your investors and board. Depending on the size and stage of your business, this group may consist of respected professional investors, industry peers, key customers, important partners, co-founders, or relatives. Managing these relationships requires clear role definition, a stiff upper lip, and a steel spine to help those not in the day-to-day business be informed about, and engaged in, the progress to date and the journey ahead.

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Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs
Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs
Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs
Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs
Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs

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